Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

I came to discover the magic of doodling during a recent project I was working on.  It can be quite fun and rewarding; and these are the ‘masterpieces’ of my doodling works, :-)

  • This project was to help us put to use the principle elements of design – unity, balance, emphasis, etc.   The tasks were to doodle random things into squares; make lots of photocopies of the squares and use them to arrange three 8′ x 8′ compositions that illustrate – Bilateral symmetry, Asymmetry, and Radial symmetry.

the work in progress


an image of which the two cut halves along a central axis are mirror images of each other


an image of which the two cut halves along the central axis are not mirrored each other. A lack of balance or symmetry


a symmetrical arrangement of radiating parts from the central point


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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

    • Zentangles is a cool name. These were not introduced to me by that name but the process of making the squares is really the same. Thank you -Southern Sea Muse- for dropping by! :-)

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